Several months after the originally planned release date of November 2013, twenty-year old singer/songwriter, Cher Lloyd finally released her sophomore record, Sorry, I’m Late on May 27th after a fallout with her previous record label whose plans did not coincide with hers. The tiny delay gave Lloyd more time to tinker with what she already had, in hopes of adding a little more spark to it. Incorporating more electronic dance elements than her older material, Sorry, I’m Late showcases the musical growth that has taken place since her days with The X Factor.

This record opens with “Just Be Mine” and it eases us into a very energetic collection. This introductory track falls short in terms of showcasing her vocals as it contains very repetitive melodies. “Bind Your Love” makes up for that though, as it is more fluid, musically.

Solidified by the guest appearance of rapper, T.I., “I Wish” reminds us of early 2000’s pop hits like, “Always On Time” by Ashanti and Ja Rule. It’s always nice hearing new songs that remind you of classics. “Sirens” which is probably my favorite on the record, is the next track. Although not as upbeat and ornamented, this track contains a lot more substance lyrically and is appropriately placed after the tiring run of the first four tracks. “Dirty Love” gradually picks up the pace and places us back into an energetic atmosphere. “Sweet Despair” stood out lyrically because of the heartbreaking story it portrayed. The little rap bit in the middle makes it the strongest track in this record.

“Goodnight” takes us by surprise, as it is a refreshing addition to this record that I don’t think anyone saw coming. Although probably more appropriate as a B-side track, the stripped down vocals, violin, and acoustic guitar made gave us a nice little break from the overall pop dynamic. “M.F.P.O.T.Y.” makes the record jump back into that boys-and-booze attitude, as does closing track “Alone With Me.”

Overall a very fun and cohesive record, Sorry I’m Late was a nice progression into Cher Lloyd’s musical career and her sound definitely evolved from the time she released her hit, “Swagger Jagger.”

Rating: 7.5/10

(By Dana Reandelar)

Written by Dana

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