“The front porch is a special place. It’s nothing like the back porch. My grandparents on my father’s side didn’t have much of either so I found myself more often than not in the front yard or at one of the neighbor’s. Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Bean and Preston Sale are all real people that lived on that street. My grandparents house was more than just a place to visit; sometimes my parents and I would wear out our welcome with occasional ‘extended stays’. It became a ‘base’ of some sort or as I quietly referred to it ‘the reset button.’ It’s only fitting that ‘Virginia Avenue,’ like many others, was written in just a couple of summer sittings on my front porch in Nashville.”

Sam’s album Waiting On You will be released April 21st.

Written by Catherine Powell



I love Sam’s voice. The first song I’d ever heard him sing was Virginia Avenue. I’m so fortunate to have been able to request him sing this when he came over to jam with a mutual friend. He’s gone many miles since and written tons more songs. His voice will always be a favorite.. right up there with the likes of Guthrie/Loggins/Dylan. This man always captures my attention with the stories he tells through his songs. LOVE you, Sam! <3


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