It is very hard to find a band that you love every song they put out on an EP right away; this is not the case for 5 Seconds of Summer. Having gone on tour with One Direction last summer, finishing up a European run, and starting a 5 days 5 countries stint in Sweden today, it’s no wonder these boys are as popular as they are. For their second EP, this is definitely a strong breakthrough for the four-piece band out of Australia. You definitely get that One Direction feel on some of it, but some of the songs are more alternative, like a mix of All Time Low and Hot Chelle Rae. It also shows some great potential for future releases as this young band continues to grow.

The EP opens with the hit single released earlier this month, “She Looks So Perfect.” I personally love this song. It’s a perfect jam to welcome the summer! It’s a poppy song about loving the way a girl looks in her boy’s underwear. With an amazingly catchy chorus, and four voices that make you melt, you’ll quickly become addicted to listening to this song.

The next song is quite a lyrical contrast to the opening song, talking about heartbreak, and called “Heartache on the Big Screen.” With classic alternative guitar chords and very poppy lyrics, it’s one of those heartbreak songs that you’ll want to scream the lyrics to at the top of your lungs to people on the street. The best part of this song is that they incorporate and share the lead vocals. It’s the first song on the EP where we hear the different voices in the band individually.

“The Only Reason”, is just what it sounds, the power ballad of the EP. Much like “Heartache”, this song features different lead vocals throughout. Lyrically, it’s the most mature on the album, and it is a strong power ballad to lead with on a release. This will definitely be a hard song to beat on their next album.

The only bummer on the album is that the last song is a cover. I wish they would have put another original song on it, but they do a pretty good job of covering the classic “What I Like About You”, you can’t be that disappointed. Incorporating the four voices once again, they keep you dancing. Hopefully we’ll get more original songs on their next release. (Maybe that awesome song they wrote with Alex Gaskarth?)

For the first big release 5 Seconds of Summer definitely came out strong. Be sure to go out and buy a copy of  the She Looks So Perfect EP tomorrow. Unless you live outside the US, because you should already have it.

Rating 9/10

By Shelby Chargin

Written by shelby

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