I often shudder when television and movie actors try their hand at the singer songwriter role, but I must say, today I am pleasantly surprised. Twilight’s Tinsel Korey has put out quite the gem in her debut EP “Seize the Day,” slated for release August 30. For fans of The Bittersweets, A Fine Frenzy and Nora Jones, I would definitely say check this out. Tinsel’s breathy vocals and light melodies make for the perfect end of summer playlist for those last few picnics and beach trips. Appealing to all ages, this is something our mother’s can enjoy right alongside us.

A few tracks on the record certainly stand out. By far my favorite track on the EP, “I Surrender” is an indie/folk bit. Cute and simple, it will definitely have you singing along. “Break of Dawn” features catchy guitar riffs and a bit of the 90’s we all remember and love with a Duran Duran feel mixed into the verse. “Game of Hearts” introduces piano chords while telling a tale as old as time – falling for someone else.

Some of the choruses become a bit repetitive lyrically, but I don’t think that takes away from a pretty solid project. Available on Itunes and Amazon.com, August 30.

Rating: 7/10

Written by Catherine Powell