Miley Cyrus revealed on this weekends SNL that former Disney Channel star, Hannah Montana, passed away. Is this a real sign that I’m no longer a teenager? Sad. Seems to me though, that Hannah left a small part of her with Miley.

 newscaster 7. Newscaster Miley
This is just a weird mom haircut gone wrong, Miley’s hair is nice enough on it’s own – no weird bangs needed. It’s ok, everybody makes mistakes…everybody has those days…

hilary6. Politician Miley (Hilary Clinton)
The hair color really suits Miley, she truly can rock any color. Not too sure about the comb over though.


50shades5. Fifty Shades Miley (Scarlett Johansson)
Ok, here we go, rockin’ the blonde but with a nice classic cut. To be honest, don’t we all secretly wish Miley was the one cast as Anastasia Steele, or is that just me?


grunge4. High School Grunge Miley
SPOILER ALERT: In the end of the Hannah Montana series, Miley Stewart (you know, Hannah’s alter-ego) decides that going to college is probably the best life path for her. I could totally see college bound Miley Stewart in a flannel…and slip on Nike sandals. Yup, definitely…#college #lazy #Mondays.


hiphop3. Hip-Hop Miley
This one you have to use your imagination on, so bare with me. Strip away the outfit, take out the ponytail and you practically have Miley circa “Party In The USA” video.


michele2. Politician Miley (Michele Bachmann)
Take a look at Miley’s 2010 album, “Can’t Be Tamed”. Look familiar? Yeah, Miley 10000% rocks the short brown hair. Looking back though, she definitely was pretty tamed.


cheerleader1. “Hannah Montana” Cheerleader Miley
This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Miley rock the Best of Both Worlds ever again…it’s been a great seven years Hannah, RIP.


Written by Catherine Powell

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