I had the hardest time trying to keep my screaming to a minimum during last night’s episode of Twisted. Here’s what you might have missed:

Lacey actually defended Danny in front of Archie. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is a first. I smell a little crush brewing.

If we were ever uncertain about Jo’s feelings towards Danny, last night, we found out the truth. It may have been a dream, but hey, dreams tell us what we really want, don’t they?


In the words of Jo herself: “You think I wanna have a crush on him [Danny]? It’s awful. Please snap me out of it.”

Lacey publicly denies her friendship with Jo, yet she continuously meets up with her in dark, creepy spots to discuss Danny. Today’s conversation topic – what if the text message Regina sent Danny on the night she dies, ties in with everything going on right now? Well, duh, Lacey.

When Danny meets up with Cole for a 7:30 AM workout, Cole suddenly gets food poisoning. Coach Chandler calls Danny in, subtly accusing him for poisoning Cole with Moth Balls. Chandler kicks Danny off the soccer team but promises to keep the Moth Balls incident under wraps. Poor Danny… always getting the blame for everything.


 Who the hell has a party at a cemetery? Guess that’s normal for Phoebe’s brother, Tyler. When Lacey and Jo corner Danny that night, asking him to explain his secrets, things get pretty awkward when Jo slips out that Regina and his father, Vikram Desai, knew each other. Guess Danny isn’t the only one trying to hide something.

Danny and Lacey make out… right next to Tara Desai’s tombstone, Weird, but guess what’s even weirder? Lacey breaks up with Archie.

As for that reappearing necklace — who the hell went through all of that trouble to fish that thing out of the water? Or is there more than one? Hmmm.. 

Written by Catherine Powell

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