The tension between Lacey and Jo on Twisted got serious tonight. But what exactly is the flame igniting the drama? Was it their mutual willingness to give up on their friendship in grade school, or their mutual attraction to Danny? But let’s talk about what was even more awkward — Tess Masterson and Vikram Desai hooking up. What?! Did not see that one coming. Speaking of Desai men getting around, what is Danny’s deal? Is he into Lacey, or is he into Jo? I’m caught in between whether or not those feelings are genuine, or if he’s got manipulation on his mind. It’s so hard to tell with that one. On top of everything else, his charisma is too much for me to handle. How am I supposed to despise this murderer when his coy, little smile is so adorable? Damnit.


Don’t even get me started on room 413. Talk about sketchy. What kind of person sends mail from a vacant room — the old room of Vikram Desai, no less. But better yet, if no body was found, does that really mean Vikram Desai is really dead? Personally, I don’t think so.

Written by Catherine Powell

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