1229894_390975067697284_693652127_nLast night’s episode of Twisted was the season finale, and as expected, shit got real in the most unexpected ways. Here’s the important stuff:
  • ┬áJo is sick and tired of being protected and feels the ultimate betrayal when she finds out Rico was also aware of the video of Danny and Lacey.
  • Lacey’s locker at school is vandalized.
  • Archie tells Lacey that he poisoned Cole. Cole came back to wish him good luck at regionals.
  • Jo and Danny meet up at McNally Park, and she tells him about her feelings for him. Danny says their friendship is not worth risking. (But Lacey’s is?)
  • I’m sorry, but there’s definitely something iffy with Jo and Tyler hooking up. But Jo losing her virginity to him is even weirder. I can’t believe that happened. Part of me wishes that Jo lost her virginity to Danny, but hey, we can’t win ’em all.
  • Rico finally tells Jo he’s in love with her, then kisses her. Pretty awkward, considering she was in bed with Tyler a few moments earlier…
  • Prior to Regina’s death, she was seen in a car licensed 777 R2F. The person in the car, who Regina refers to as a bitch, scratches her arm.
  • Murder weapon found. With Danny’s finger prints on it. Time to make a run! By the time Chief Masterson shows up at his house, Danny has already fled.
  • Vikram’s alive, and Tess Masterson knows. I had a feeling she was aware of his “disappearance,” but I definitely didn’t wanna be right about it. She etched his phone number on the bottom of one of her pottery vases. WHAT THE FUCK?

Written by Catherine Powell

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