Well last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was jaw-dropping, to say the least. With Hanna spending the entire episode planning a story to tell the police about HER killing Wilden, Spencer sneaking around her mom’s files and Emily’s mom breaking down there was a LOT to pay attention to.

What You Need To Know:

  • Hanna finds out her mom is going to be transferred to the state prison, so Hanna plans to tell the police she killed Wilden. To do this, she enlists Mona’s help to craft a lie.
  • Emily has a meeting with Ezra about college, and Ezra suggests she ask her Habitat For Humanity sponsor to write her a recommendation. Emily meets with her and is convinced to spend the summer helping out again. When she tells her Mom, her mother breaks down.
  • Spencer finds a file in her mom’s boxes that says Wilden filed the police report about Toby’s mom’s death. But the facts don’t match up. Spencer heads to Radley to talk to Eddie Lamb about it, but doesn’t seem to get many answers other than the report was forged.
  • Aria finds out her brother is taking self-defense classes because he’s scared of his lacrosse team. She gets worried when he’s at an all-night party and calls Jake. Everything with Mike is fine and her and Jake watch movies.
  • Caleb tries to convince Hanna not to turn herself in, and in the end she is beat out by Mona, who goes to the station and confesses to killing Wilden. WHAT.

tumblr_inline_mqs5psJzKN1qz4rgpThings The Are Important:

  • Ezra seemed to be onto “A” when he was talking to Emily. 
  • Toby is in New York looking for answers about the fire, but he doesn’t know who he’s looking for.
  • Caleb is way too good of a boyfriend.
  • Spencer’s mom is the only one who hasn’t had any serious “A” effect yet.

Predictions, Theories, Etc.

  • Mona didn’t kill Wilden – she’s protecting someone.
  • Wilden is connected to Toby’s mom’s death, but how much? He may have killed her.
  • CeCe Drake has to turn up eventually… or she’ll be found dead before we can get answers.
  • Mike is hiding something serious.

What are YOUR theories? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Catherine Powell

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