BRIAN DARE, LUCY HALEOkay…best season finale EVER. I was screaming the entire time. It was just unreal. And I’m still upset about the last 30 seconds.

Here’s what happened:

  • A sends the girls some magic eight balls that didn’t have any positive messages.
  • Hanna’s mom has to stand in front of Travis with four other women so he can identify her. He does, and the charges are dropped on her.
  • Aria kissed Ezra. That happened. Not over it.
  • Hanna and Caleb were also all cute and stuff. DON’T LEAVE US.
  • A sends the girls a children’s coffin with a Mona doll in it.
  • The news shows a sketch of Wilden’s alleged killer, and it looks A LOT like Cece. It is then identified as her, and the girls start looking.
  • A also sends a magic box with a saw in it.
  • Obviously Spencer went to magic camp. Obviously.
  • Wren moved in with Melissa in London, which is sketchy. And somehow Shana is involved.
  • The girls go to Ravenswood to see a magic show. The magician makes Aria “disappear” in a box, but she is brought back seconds later. In those few seconds, Emily is taken.
  • Toby follows Shana to Ravenswood and watches her and Mona.
  • Emily ends up in a box about to be sawed in half. Red Coat #1 saves her, though the girls try.
  • We learn there are two Red Coats. The girls split up and chase. Aria’s Red Coat is Cece.
  • Aria totally kicks Cece’s butt in the sawmill, and then Cece falls to what the liars think is her death. They turn their backs for LITERALLY a minute and she’s gone.
  • Spencer claims the Red Coat she followed is Ali. She then takes them to A’s lair, which includes a timeline for each of them, plus Ali. There’s also a huge computer setup with access to the liars’ alarm systems, cell phones, etc. They determine A is a guy based on the clothes in the closet. The audience sees an eye watching through a painting, and Hanna steals a diary.
  • Caleb boards a sketchy bus to Ravenswood to help the girls. AGAIN, DON’T LEAVE US CALEB.
  • The girls run into Grunwald, who confesses that she ¬†was speaking to Alison all summer via the sorority house, and pulled Alison out of the ground. She took her to the hospital but when she went for help, Ali escaped. The girls ask point-blank: Is Ali alive? To which Grunwald says she hasn’t seen her, but she’s felt her presence. She tells the girls to go home because “he” is going to follow them to the Ravenswood party to see Ali.
  • A man’s figure is shown in the lair. He is angry and frustrated. The camera moves to show us Ezra’s face. Ezra is A. Cue the tears.

What did YOU think of the finale? I’m not over it.

Written by Catherine Powell

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