Last night’s Pretty Little Liars was a whirlwind of emotions. Too many couples, too many cute boys, too many people face down in a lake.
What you need to know:
  • Aria and Jake are super cute, but they’re not Ezria. After avoiding the situation the entire episode (even though Jake sleeps on Aria’s couch), the two finally make out at the end.
  • Ezra is getting ready to fight Maggie for a custody battle for Malcolm, because Maggie wants to move the two across the country. Not cool.
  • Hanna’s mom is bailed out of jail by Ted and then they have dinner together.
  • Mona’s confession doesn’t match up with the evidence for Wilden’s case. She is sent back to Radley.
  • Paige sets up a meeting with a swim coach for Emily. The coach finds out she’s injured and says her chances of swimming again are slim.
  • Paige also throws Emily a surprise party. The two get into a weird, should-have-broken-up argument but end up sleeping in the same bed that night anyway.
  • Emily finds Jenna face down in the lake and she is taken to the hospital.
  • At the hospital, Shawna tells Spencer the person that Jenna is afraid of is Cece Drake.
Things that are important:
  • Red Coat breaks into Paige’s lake house via the basement at the end of the episode.
  • Shawna and Jenna were talking about Allison earlier in the episode, but Shawna told Spencer that Alli is dead.
  • Ezra saw Aria and Jake talking at The Brew and got super jealous. So cute!
  • Mona said “you’re welcome” to Hanna about her mom being out of jail.
  • Mona paid Ashley’s bail, not Ted.
  • Cece Drake is Red Coat.
  • Aria will cheat on Jake with Ezra.
  • Jenna and Shawna will eventually join the girls in the fight against A.


Written by Catherine Powell

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