Between Hanna’s mom in jail and Toby and Caleb sharing scenes (finally!), my emotions were all over the place during last night’s Pretty Little Liars. Seriously, everything I thought I knew about Wilden (besides him being a creep) went out the window. Ugh.

What You Need To Know:

  • Hanna’s mom is looking at 20 years to life right now. Not good. There was a scene where Hanna cries on Spencer’s shoulder and it’s HEARTBREAKING. Equally as heartbreaking as when Hanna picks out her mom’s trial outfit towards the end.
  • Caleb and Toby are working together to find A/protect their girlfriends. (Their scenes together are beyond adorable because they’re both so hot, and BFFs in real life.) Anyway… the boys track down a private airport and meet Nigel Wright, (cool name for someone who works at an airport…) whose lighter Toby found next to him post-fire in the woods.
  • Connor’s family is trying to blame Mike for Connor’s car being destroyed. The school principal asks Aria of Mike’s mental health history, which Ezra finds inappropriate. Ezra confronts the principal and saves the day for Mike and Aria. But mostly Aria.
  • Emily stole the key to Wilden’s apartment from her mom’s desk… which leads to Emily’s mom being suspended from the force.
  • The girls poke around Wilden’s apartment and find some porn and a package. The package contains some REALLY expired meat and a note from A. Uh… what.
  • Caleb threatens to set the airport building on fire, Nigel confesses that he faked a flight path for CeCe Drake. Which means she was in the woods the night of the fire.
  • Ezria had a MOMENT outside of Ezra’s apartment. I almost sobbed when they didn’t kiss. #TEAMEZRIA
  • A fucking EMPTY CAR casually just crashes into Emily’s living room while her mom is on the phone. Are you actually joking. (Side note: What is with A trying to run people over?)


Things That Are Important:

  • Wilden was receiving messages from A. But for how long?
  • Cece claimed she was skipping town the night of Wilden’s death. She also admitted to being afraid of him. Could this mean she killed him?
  • Nigel escorted Jenna to Wilden’s funeral. Sketchy.


Predictions, Theories, Etc.:

  • Ezra totally smashed Connor’s car, and it’s going to come back to him.
  • CeCe probably didn’t kill Wilden because now she’s too obvious of a suspect.
  • Based on the preview for next week’s episode, Hanna is going to protect her mom by claiming she killed Wilden.
  • Ezria is getting closer and closer to reuniting. Obviously this happens AFTER Ezra is teaching there again.
  • The principal is suspicious of Ezra and Aria… again. Someone’s going to get in trouble.
  • Caleb and Toby will continue to have cute detective scenes. This is more of a wish than a prediction.
  • Ali was still alive when Toby’s mom died. She was the blonde girl visiting Radley.


What did YOU think of last night’s episode? Did we miss any clues? What are YOUR predictions? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Catherine Powell

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