Thank GOD the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars is next week because this season is exhausting. As fun as the little western-themed school dance was in this week’s episode, all the other stuff that happened gave me a headache. I can’t keep up anymore!

What Happened:

  • Toby finds a CD of his mom singing in his car and that’s pretty creepy. A later tricks him into trying to break into Dr. Palmer’s car, and he and Caleb are almost caught.
  • Paige gets jealous of the recommendation Zoe writes for Emily. CAN THIS COUPLE STOP ALREADY?
  • Aria, Spencer and Emily sneak into the crawl space at the DiLaurentis’ house and A/Red Coat/who knows almost pokes Aria’s eye out with a knitting needle.
  • Hanna finds an envelope of money in her locker and her stalker Travis admits to giving it to her. He later confesses that he saw Hanna’s mom leave Wilden’s murder scene BEFORE shots were fired.
  • Ezra and Jake awkwardly meet at The Brew. Later at the dance, Jake calls out Ezra for not giving him and Aria space. Come on Jake, don’t you know Ezria is meant to be?
  • Emily remembers that Alison once told her that she had a gun pulled on her by her friend’s ex-boyfriend.
  • We see a quick scene of Cece in an A-type lair, surrounded by photos of Ali, with a red coat on the chair. So that should mean Cece is Red Coat, but that may be too obvious now.
  • Spencer and Emily try to catch Red Coat in the hay ride, but all they get is the coat. How the hell did she escape so fast?
  • Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to talk to him about Malcolm, Maggie, etc. and they hold hands. So that was cute. But then we see Cece listening in (in a black hoodie) outside the door. Not so cute.

Important Things To Remember:

  • The person who almost poked Aria’s eye out was referred to as “heavy-footed.” Does this make it a guy? Wren maybe?
  • Travis THINKS he saw a blonde girl running through the woods after Wilden was killed. Alison or Cece?
  • Alison’s mom was knitting in the episode prior and this episode ended with A holding knitted versions of the girls. Could Ali’s mom be on the A team?


  • Ali is alive and hiding from Cece.
  • Wren is on the A team.
  • Hanna and Caleb are going to break up soon. I mean, he is leaving for Ravenswood in the Halloween episode…
  • Cece killed Wilden.

The season finale is next week! What do you think will happen?

Written by Catherine Powell

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