All bad things must come to an end, and the worst is yet to come for the beloved characters onĀ Breaking Bad. Last night’s episode set the scene for what is sure to be an epic, messy finale next week. Here’s everything you need to know going into the series finale…

The episode starts with Saul getting ready to start his new life, with the help of the vacuum cleaner repair man. Walt has been here for a few days now and tries to convince Saul to stick with him, but Saul is done. He leaves with his guy and it is presumed this is where his storyline ends.

Skyler is going through hell with the DEA and seems completely numb to it all. She knows they want Walt, but she has no idea where he is and there’s nothing she can do. Meanwhile, Marie is desperate to find Hank with the help of the police force. They pull up to her house only to find it broken into. She is driven away and that’s the last we see of her this episode.

It cuts to Jack and his clan watching Jesse’s confessional video. They hear Jack ratting Todd out for killing Drew Sharp, to which Todd creepily smirks. Jack goes to kill Jesse, but Todd once again stops him. Meanwhile, Jesse is down in his little cage fiddling with a paperclip to get himself out of those handcuffs.

We now see Walt get out of vacuum guy’s truck in snowy New Hampshire. He’s taken to a small, remote cabin in the woods with no connection to the outside world. His guy promises to come back once a month with supplies and such. He threatens to never return if he learns Walt has left the fenced in area around the cabin.

Following her meeting with the DEA, Skyler is smoking in her living room while the police watch her house outside. She goes to check on Holly and finds Todd and two of his men in her room. Todd threatens her – telling her she must not mention Lydia to the police or she will suffer the consequences. Skyler agrees and Todd leaves through the window.

Meanwhile, Jesse is tampering with his cuffs and is able to get them off. After Todd creepily brings him a large bowl of Ben & Jerry’s for a cook well done he tries to escape, only to be caught by the gang. As punishment, they put him in a van and take him to Andrea’s where he is forced to watch Todd shoot Andrea in the head in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Breaking Bad history.

What feels like the next morning, Todd meets with Lydia at the diner to brag about his 92% cook with Jesse. Lydia was ready to cut ties with Todd and his uncle, but the percent gets her interested again. The two think they’re being discreet but Todd is basically on top of her the whole time.

Flash forward and Walt has some hair but is getting much more sick up in New Hampshire. His guy comes with food and chemo and Walt pays him $10,000 to stay for an hour and play cards, even though this guy basically admitted that when he comes back and finds Walt dead, he’s taking his money. Following the chemo, there’s a heartbreaking scene of Walt trying to sleep when his wedding ring falls off because he’s so skinny. Distraught, he ties the ring around his neck, symbolizing that he’s lost everything he loves but he’s still dragging them down.

Desperate to get his money to his family, Walt ventures out of his gate with a package for Walt Jr. He gets to town and calls Jr. (now going by Flynn officially) at school. The two have a heated talk and Flynn rips Walt a new one, saying “Why don’t you just die already?” Walt then calls the DEA and tells them where he is – ready to turn himself in. He sits at the bar and orders a drink neat and sees his former Grey Matter partner, Elliot, and his wife on TV. The two are discrediting Walt’s involvement with the company and even his meth empire. Elliot’s wife says Walter White doesn’t exist anymore, only Heisenberg does. A fact we’ve all known.

The episode ends with the DEA running into the bar looking for Walt, but he’s already gone. Back to New Mexico, we can assume.

What are your predictions for the finale? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Catherine Powell

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