In last week’s episode, it appears that Jesse is going to burn down Walt’s house. But he doesn’t. The house still smells like gas, so Walt comes up with an elaborate (and unconvincing) story about a faulty gas pump. So the White family heads to a fancy hotel for the night where Saul and Skyler tell Walt the same thing – Jesse needs to die. Walt resists, convinced Jesse has had a change of heart.

But that’s not true. The only reason Jesse didn’t burn the house down is because Hank got to him and convinced Jesse that they should work together to take Walt down.

While all this is happening, Marie goes to therapy and admits she’s been looking up untraceable poisons. She more than anyone seems to want Walt gone. When she returns home, Hank has packed her bags for a weekend spa trip so he can interrogate Jesse – who is sleeping in their guest room. Marie doesn’t seem to mind and makes Jesse coffee in a DEA cup in the morning. Irony.

After waking up, Jesse gives a full confessional on camera, starting with the forever creepy line “He was my teacher.” After the confession, it is clear that there is no physical evidence of Walt’s crimes. BUT, Walt left Jesse a message asking him to meet up and make things right. Hank pressures Jesse into accepting the invitation… but only if he’s wearing a wire.

Jesse thinks Walt is going to kill him in the shopping center, but goes. He sees a threatening looking man standing relatively close to Walt and bounces, assuming it’s a hit man. He goes to a pay phone, calls Walt and let’s him no (very vaguely) that he’s coming for him.

Walt then calls Todd, saying he has a job for his hit man uncle.

Written by Catherine Powell

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