After last night’s Breaking Bad I need intensive therapy, a hug, tissues and a night light. It made my jaw actually drop several times and I have to say, I officially want Walt dead.

Here’s what happened…

The episode opens with a flashback to the first cook. Walt walks out of the RV to call Skyler and practices a lie to tell – his first of many. Skyler doesn’t mind that Walt will be late – she’s just happy she sold a clown statue for $9 and asks Walt to pick up a pizza on the way home. The phone call ends with a “Love you” from both ends. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard that from either side.

We pick up at the shoot out and learn right away that Gomez is dead. Not the most difficult loss in the show’s run, but just proof that no one is immune to the Heisenberg treatment, whether Walt executes the kill or not. Hank has a bullet in the leg and is visibly struggling when Jack holds a gun to his head after learning he’s a DEA agent. Walt shouts from the car and begs Jack to let Hank live. He promises Jack $80 million and Hank’s silence. But Hank has integrity, and he won’t go down begging. He turns to Walt (who is still in handcuffs) and utters one of the most chilling lines ever said on the show: “You’re the smartest guy I ever met and you’re too stupid to see – he made up his mind 10 minutes ago.” He turns to Jack and begins to tell him to “do what he’s got to do” when we hear the gunshot followed by complete silence. The next thing we see is Walt sobbing against the desert ground.

Jack is a smart man and traces the coordinates Walt told him over the phone to a specific spot and tells his men to start digging. They find Walt’s money barrels and Walt watches everything he’s worked for disappear in front of him. Jack decides to let Walt keep one barrel – containing roughly $11 million. A sad prize considering all Walt has lost.

But Walt isn’t done with Jack. He tells Jack he still wants Jesse killed and Jack says as soon as someone find’s him, he’s dead. Walt, stone cold after losing both Hank and his money, points out Jesse’s hiding spot under the car. Jack grabs him, ready to shoot and asks Walt if he’s good. Walt, with no expression whatsoever, nods. One second more and Jesse would be dead, but Todd jumps in suggesting they interrogate him for information before killing him. Walt nods again – still no expression. But he has something to say: he tells Jesse that he watched Jane die and could have saved her. The color drains from Jesse’s face as he looks at the monster in front of him. The White Power gang leaves with Jesse and Walt leaves with his barrel, only to have his car break down on the way home. He pathetically rolls his barrel across the desert until he finds a small house and buys a truck off a native.

At this point, Marie still thinks Hank is alive and Walt is in custody. She goes to the car wash to tell Skyler everything and promises Skyler that Hank will do whatever he can to help. In return she wants all the DVDs Skyler and Walt made disgracing Hank’s reputation, and Skyler agrees. Marie also demands Skyler tell Walt Jr. everything.

We cut to a dark cell where Jesse, bloody and beaten, is being held. Todd let’s him out and walks him into his new meth lab. He locks Jesse to the ceiling so he can’t escape and Jesse fumbles around the lab. He sees a photo of Brock and his mother taped to the wall – a threatening reminder that he must cook for Todd.

Back at the car wash, Walt Jr. is being told everything and not believing it. He doesn’t understand why his mother would lie about this. They head home to see Walt frantically packing his things. He yells for Walt Jr. and Skyler to pack their things because they need to leave now and that he’ll explain everything later. Skyler, under the impression Walt killed Hank, grabs a kitchen knife and demands Walt get out. Walt resists and Skyler strikes his hand with the knife. The two wrestle over the knife, and Walt Jr. jumps in to save his mother. He calls the police, stating his father pulled a gun on his mother and he thinks he may have killed someone. Walt runs out the door, but not before grabbing baby Holly. Skyler chases Walt’s car down the street but can’t catch her manic husband.

We then see Walt changing Holly in a public restroom, and Holly is crying for Mama. It is then that Walt realizes she still has a chance at a normal life. Back at the White house, the police are issuing an Amber Alert for Holly. Walt calls the house and the police begin recording the call. He tells Skyler everything is her fault and she disrespected him and if she tries to cross him she’ll end up like Hank. She asks where Hank is to which Walt responds, “You’ll never see him again.” Marie hears this and breaks down. On the other end, Walt is also breaking down but won’t show it. He comes off threatening to the police, taking all the blame off of Skyler.

Cut to the Albuquerque Fire Station and a group of fireman are relaxing, playing chess. They see the red lights of their trucks going off and go out to investigate. One climbs into the truck to turn the lights off and sees baby Holly sitting there alone with a note pinned to her jacket.

We then see Walt sitting on the side of the road where Jesse originally waited to be picked up and given a new identity. With him are a few suitcases and his barrel of cash. He gets into the van and takes off for a new life. As the van drives away we see a dog, unleashed, run across the street. A little shred of hope that Jesse makes it out okay.

What did you think of the episode?

Written by Catherine Powell

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