Breaking Bad came to its series end last night and the world is weeping.

We start where last week left off – with Walt getting ready to escape New Hampshire and head home. He sits in a frozen car while police surround him, but he goes unseen, finds the keys and takes off for home.

Once he gets to New Mexico, he heads to Gretchen and Elliot’s home to confront them. He forces them to help unload all his cash (9.7 million) and tells them that on Walt Jr.’s 18th birthday in 10 months they will give it all to him. He tells them he has people watching them who will kill them if they don’t oblige. When he returns to his car, we learn his “snipers” are Badger and Skinny Pete.

The next day, Walt had goes back to his house to get the ricin and gets new car and machine gun. Marie calls Skyler to warn her that Walt has been seen around town, but Skyler already know – Walt is standing in her kitchen. He confesses once and for all that he did what he did for himself, not his family. He gives Skyler the lottery ticket and tells her where to find Hank, and Skyler lets him see Holly one last time.

Walt then goes to the diner to meet with Todd and Lydia – unbeknown to them. He convinces Todd to let him into the Nazi compound to discuss alternative ways of cooking meth. Really, he just wanted to get revenge on Jack for not holding true to his promise and killing Jesse. We later find out that Walt slipped the ricin in Lydia’s tea and she is done for.

That night, Walt returns to the compound one last time to speak with Jack and co. They search him and temporarily confiscate his keys and wallet. Eventually, he is taken into the cabin and confronts Jack about Jesse – assuming that the two are partners now. Jack laughs and asks Todd to go retrieve Jesse, their slave. It is during this time that Walt is able to get his keys back. When he sees Jesse shackled and beaten, something in him feels empathy. To save the two of them, Walt tackles Jesse to the ground and hits a button on his keys. Walt’s trunk pops, forcing out the machine gun, which rotates and shoots, killing everyone but Walt, Jesse, Todd and Jack. To finish Jack off, Walt shoots him in the head while Jesse strangles Todd to death from behind.

Now it’s just Walt and Jesse left – both living with hate for the other one. Walt gives Jesse the gun and asks him to kill him. Jesse refuses, telling Walt to do it himself after noticing a severe bullet wound in Walt’s stomach. Jesse then drives out of the compound as fast as he can, but not before giving Walt one finale nod of closure.

Walt makes his way into the meth lab, his bullet wound getting worse. He has one finale moment with his chemistry before collapsing on the floor. The police swarm and Breaking Bad ends.

Written by Catherine Powell

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