Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.42.16 PMI can’t deal with Breaking Bad anymore. Like I really just can’t.

Here’s what happened…

  • Todd meets at a diner with his uncle and another older man, and tells them all about the train heist. He then agrees to be the primary meth cooker and heads off into the desert.
  • Hank confesses to Jesse that he knows Walter is Heisenberg.
  • Jesse goes to Saul, who calls Walt and arranges a meeting.
  • Walt recovers his gun from the car wash soda machine. Uh, who does that?
  • Walt confesses to Walt Jr. that he has cancer again, but only after Marie tries to get Walt Jr. to her and Hank’s house. Kind of dick.
  • Walt records a fake confessional video… we’ve seen this before.
  • Walt and Jesse meet in the desert. Walt begs Jesse to leave town and Jesse agrees… and then breaks down in Walt’s arms. Feels.
  • Marie and Hank join Walt and Skylar for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and it’s super awkward. Marie tells Walt he should kill himself. The dinner ends with W&S slipping the confessional video to H&M.
  • Hank and Marie watch the video, which is basically Walt saying that Hank is Heisenberg and threatened him to cook for him. Hank also learns that Marie was taking charity money from the White family, which puts the two in a bad situation.
  • Jesse agrees to take on a new identity. He follows instructions and waits for someone to pick him up, only to realize something has been taken from his pocket. He then figures out that Saul took the cigarette with the ricin.
  • Jesse returns to Saul’s office and beats him up, and then learns it was Walt who instructed the pocket-picking. Jesse goes to Walt’s and covers his home with gasoline in a rage.


Written by Catherine Powell

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