I may have just binge watched the first four and one-half seasons of Breaking Bad in the last two weeks, but I am no less obsessed. And last night’s mid-season premiere was as nail-biting, jaw-dropping and stomach churning as ever.

The first half of season five ended with Hank finding the book of Walt Whitman poems in Walter’s bathroom. Inside was a note from Gale, which causes Hank to panic. Last night’s episode picks up at that moment (not including the cold open*) and Hank rushes Marie out of Walt’s house. On the drive home Hank crashes the car and is rushed to the hospital. Following the accident, Hank breaks out Gale’s case file to compare handwriting and determines that Walter is Heisenberg.

*The cold open shows Hank with a full head of hair returning to his now fenced in and destroyed house. On the wall the word “HEISENBERG” is spray painted and kids are skateboarding int he backyard. He opens the outlet where he hid the risen, takes it, and leaves.

On Jesse’s end of things, his depression level is equivalent to when Jane died. He takes the $5 million Walt gave him to Saul to distribute to the money to Mike’s granddaughter and the parents of the boy Todd killed. Walter intervenes and brings the money back, and despite Jesse’s speculations, denies killing Mike or knowing that he’s dead at all. Still upset about the money, Jesse gives some to a homeless man, which inspires him to drive through a rundown neighborhood and throw the remaining money to random houses.

Having been working from home, Hank goes through every possible related files to find something that would prove Walter was Heisenberg, other than the note in the book. He finds a drawing of Heisenberg and realizes he has his man. He puts a tracker on Walt’s car, which Walt finds when he realizes his book is missing. He goes to visit Hank at home and Hank confesses what he knows… and then punches Walt in the face. Walt tells him that making a case against him would be a waste of time, because his cancer has returned and he’ll be dead in six months. He threatens Hank by telling him to “tread lightly.”

I can’t even handle this show – it’s too good. Here’s my predictions for the season:

  • Jesse will find out all of the bad things Walt did to Mike, Jane, Brock, etc.
  • Someone is going to kill themselves.
  • Hank and Walt will have a stand off – and one of them will die.
  • The entire town will find out what Walt did.

What was YOUR favorite part about last night’s episode? What do you think will happen in the final season? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Catherine Powell

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