It’s summertime!! Which means some of the best music fests in America are starting up, and you have to be there. This also means hot days, lots of sun, and a need to stay on top of your game throughout the day. Keep yourself energized, alive, and out of the emergency room!

Start Early.

This means, get up early, EAT BREAKFAST, and get to the venue early. The last thing you want is to be worrying about parking as the festival is starting, trust me. If you can, have someone drop you off. If not, be sure to get anywhere early because parking will always be a pain. Breakfast is also vital. You don’twant anything too heavy, like an entire Ihop menu, but something substantial and big enough to last you for a while. You need to start off your day with the most energy you can.


Water water water.

This is probably the most important point I will make. Drink water. All day. Bring in a water bottle (a lot of fests make you leave the caps of plastic ones behind and buy real water bottles inside, budget for this) and fill it up at free water stations. If they don’t have free water stations (which isn’t really a problem anymore) keep an extra “water” budget with you for the day. Water will keep you energized, hydrated, and alive in the heat.


Know when to take a break.

Whether it’s a 3-day festival, or your doing one day of Warped, your body isn’t meant to be going all day every day. Take a break. Sit down in the shade. I’ve napped at Warped tour before on the ground under a tree when I knew there was an hour of nothing I wanted to do. Keep in mind that your body isn’tmeant to be on it’s feet for 14 hours in the hot sun. You need to take a break.


Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

I know it’s hard because you’re SO EXCITED about the next day(s) coming up, but you need to remember that it is necessary to getsleep. Hungover mornings or no sleep wired days are sucky in 90-110 degree weather. If you can’t knock out, Unisom is an awesome one night sleep aid that could help. Melatonin, valerian root, or sleepy time tea are also big helpers.



Don’t overdue it.

Sure, barricade and constantly being in pits is the fun thing to do, but know your limits. If your body is tired and you want to watch someone perform, trust me they probably sound better from the back where you hear more of them and less of the crowd. Barricade is cool, but emergency room visits aren’t. Listen to your body.


Have fun!!!

These days are often tiring, filled with lots of drama when you go with a lot of people, and they’re always disorganized. The most important thing you can do is remember you’re there for the music, and enjoy every second of that. Have fun watching, have fun playing, but most importantly forget the stupid stuff going on, and let loose for the day. It’ll be another year before you get the chance again.

Written by shelby

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