Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re looking to scare Michael Bruno of Honor Society, dressing up as a shark may be the way to do it. Check out what Michael had to say about his biggest fear: sharks!

I don’t really have many fears or phobias, if any. Heights, spiders, public speaking, ghosts, zombies, humans on bath salts, I’m pretty much cool with all of those things. But for some reason, sharks. I’m just like, dude, why. 

I’ve never actually encountered a shark, but I’ve just never liked them. They seem so douchey. They think nothing of biting your leg off and then being like ‘later! Enjoy the rest of your day at the beach!’. 

And despite their crazy faces and predatory behavior they’ve become so popularized with SHARK WEEK that it’s almost become uncool to be afraid of them! But for me, it is what it is, those “sea dogs” (as they were called up until the 16th century by sailors, thanks WIKIPEDIA), are scary and freaky. 

So there it is, that’s my fear, sharks. Kinda lame but not really, they’re total a-holes. There’s only ONE thing scarier, the fact that some sharks lose up to 30,000 teeth in their lifetime (thanks WIKIPEDIA). Do you have any idea how many cheesy shark-tooth necklaces they’re responsible for!?!?! Now THAT.. is truly terrifying. 

Written by Catherine Powell