Halloween is only two days away and if you’re looking to spook all your favorite bands, we’ve got you covered! Check out what singer Larzz is scared of!

Throughout my life I guess I’ve had a few irrational fears that evolved and changed over time. Like whenever walking through a dark ally way (..or hallway in my house with the lights off..) I’d have the sense that somebody was lurking and watching me from the shadows. So i’d run up the stairs as fast as I could almost as if the top step was the “safe zone” and after I reached it nothing could hurt me.. This faded over time and now I can bravely face the depths of my basement regardless of lighting.
Then I also grew up with a fear of heights..or rather of falling from heights. But I still enjoyed the rush of going down that big slide at the park.. just not looking down before I pushed off. I was never afraid of airplanes though, something about being in an enclosed space distanced my mind from the fact that I was actually thousands of feet in the air. But this actually led to how I conquered my fear of heights completely.
We recently shot a music video for my new single “Love This Life” and we came up with the idea of adding in a sky diving scene to show me living it up and being carefree.. at first I was a little hesitant but I was talked into it and prepared myself to face one of my life long fears.. actually jumping out of a plane and free falling from higher up than I think humans were meant to go. I was super nervous right before but somehow it washed away as I got in the plane and started to take off. When it came to be my turn I was so overwhelmed with the fact that I was jumping out of a plane on video that I completely lost my sense of self and just went for it… and it was amazing! The rush of the wind screaming past me (or was it me screaming in the wind?) was incredible and completely eliminated my fear. I’d love to jump again and I can safely say I’ve gotten past that fear for the better!

Written by Catherine Powell