With Halloween only a week away, we caught up with Brad and Josh from Dance For The Dying to chat about their fears and phobias! Check out what they had to say!

I might catch some heat from the rest of the band about this. Our drummer Chris has a kid, so this will probably cut him the deepest! 

The thing that scares me the most is actually related to Halloween. I am terrified of having to interact with hungry, wild-eyed trick-or-treaters, demanding that I fill their bags with insulin-spiking poison. They are relentless. And mercy on the person that dares to put a piece of fruit or a stack of pennies into their sacks.  Do people still do that? Do people still give change on Halloween? Getting change was really disappointing.
-Brad (Bass + Synth)

Here’s a list of things that scare me, big and small; spiders, metro doors closing on my hand or arm, tree limbs or sticks poking my eyes out while I’m driving, coming home to find one of my animals dead, cancer, being electrocuted, public door handles, fanatics, ticks, bees
– Josh (Guitar + Synth) 

Written by Catherine Powell