In the spirit of Halloween, this month’s guest blog is a little more fun and lighthearted! Find out what spooks Bobby Dowell of The Skies Revolt and keep checking back all October for more blogs!

Growing up I always had things that made me nervous. The dark, Gremlins, ghosts, heights, you know, the typical fears you have as a child. Unlike my peers who out grew their unrealistic and ridiculous childhood fears, I didn’t. Mine matured into a fine wine…A fine wine, of fear. One of those fears I have kept with me all these years is my fear of bunk beds. Gasp!

Now we have all seen the movie Step Brothers and the scene in which their homemade bunk bed collapses on one of them, entombing them in a sarcophagus of wood, blankets, and pillows. Well that wasn’t how i became afraid of these human bear traps, it just gave me a visual to these horrors. Some called it humor, I called it foreshadowing. Although I never had a bad experience growing up, there was always that thought in the back of my mind that the whole thing could blow at any moment. I always had the fear of it collapsing while i’m on top and I break an arm, a leg, my neck, or even worse, i chip a tooth! Or, as we have all seen, it could collapse on you while you’re on the bottom bunk. If it does that, then God help us all.

With all that being said, I have the luxury of “sleeping” on homemade bunks every night of tour on our bus. They are really more like coffins we squeeze into and pretend we are asleep. We have yet to have an accident with them, but its really just a matter of time before we awake to the sounds of one or more of us being eaten alive by our bunks. 

Some might say that being afraid of bunk beds is silly and ridiculous. And, honestly, I would have to agree with them. Yet, it doesn’t make me any less scared or any more excited anytime bed time comes around on The Skies Revolt tour vehicle. My name is Bobby Dowell, I am 24 years old, and i have a laundry list of illogical and idiotic fears.


Written by Catherine Powell