To date Fall Out Boy has received 1.62 Billion spins on Pandora. Panic! At The Disco has received 770.83 Million spins, G-Eazy has received 448.15 Million spins, and Cash Cash has received 132.78 Million spins. The concert, mixtapes, and live stream continue the work Pandora has focused on in the past year to help artists better connect with their fans. A festive concert event free to an audience of Pandora listeners took place at Pier 36 in New York City last week. The concert was also available to enjoy through a special live stream. Pandora is offering two unique mixtapes celebrating the event, the first curated by Fall Out Boy featuring the band’s favorite rock music, the second featuring hip hop and curated by G-Eazy. To stream the mixtapes now, click HERE. Check out some photos from the show!

Photos by Catherine Powell

Written by Catherine Powell

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