In an industry that thrives off of the surplus of indie/pop music, MisterWives, as a whole, is carried into the forefront with their first full-length record, Our Own House. The record’s oozing charm and personality is a direct testament to how a debut offering possesses the ability to receive an even greater amount of praise than many of its predecessors.

It was very interesting to see how cohesive this full-length would form, especially with half of the record already released previously in the form of their Reflections EP. Surprisingly enough, the remaining tracks fit perfectly and formed a very distinct difference in its overall aesthetic. Tracks like “Oceans” and “Not Your Way” commanded their own spotlights, both lyrically and sonically. This allowed for any doubts to be cast away immediately.

Unarguably (and rightly so) one of their best songs on this (and on their first EP) is “Reflections.” Housed within this particular track are the magnetic vocal attributes of lead singer Mandy Lee Duffy, where she brings us the subtlest of introductions that eventually builds and leads to a high-energy pop anthem. It is also worth noting that a nice portion of this record’s potential success is due to how beautiful and unique her voice is, and how well it blends with trance-y instrumentation.

Channeling the funk of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and allowing the humble trumpet to run free, title track “Our Own House” gives us a heads-up on how well-engineered this Neal Avron (Sarah Bareilles, Fall Out Boy, etc.) mix truly is. Looking at sonic qualities, we get a whiff of the roaring twenties with underlying swing and jazz vibes from tracks like “Our Own Way” (02:17 can attest to precisely this) and “Box Around The Sun.”

“We’ll do this our own way / Can’t change the start of a hurricane.”
Beneath the polish and the shine, tracks like “Coffins” and “No Need For Dreaming” keep the record stable and on its feet. Simplistic elements, after all, are just as essential as everything else. Wrapping up what seems to be a transient and ephemeral adventure is “Queens,” the record’s twelfth and final track. As majestic as its title suggests, this track ends the record on a very grandiose note. The big chorale and the abrupt final note make for a dramatic and impressionable ending. Leaving away with the following words isn’t bad, either:

“But we all lift each other up, / Learn to shake the demons off. / Conquer all this world throws at us / ‘Cause love is strong enough.
With records like American Authors’ Oh, What A Life, Echosmith’s Talking Dreams, and PVRIS’ White Noise taking 2014 by storm and amassing a great amount of admiration from the general public, it is without a doubt that the same will be said for Our Own House in due time.

(by Dana Reandelar)

Written by Catherine Powell

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