New Year’s resolutions: we make ’em, but do we keep ’em? NAKED asked singer/songwriter Mike Acerbo about his resolutions for 2012. Check out what he had to say!

Mike Acerbo: I like New Year’s resolutions. When I make them, I keep them.  I think the beginning of every year is a great time to take inventory of your shortcomings and work on improving .  A few years back I resolved to commit myself to being a musician full time.  I told myself I would do everything possible and then some to make that happen and as of today I am still working towards that goal.  In fact, I am more committed then ever.  So I figured If I can commit myself to music, why can’t I apply the same principles to my romantic life?  Fact is, I have always struggled with relationships and have been pretty unavailable.  That’s a choice though, so this year I am choosing to be available for the first time.  Sometimes you have to make yourself uncomfortable to have a breakthrough, so here’s to love songs in 2012.

Mike Acerbo- “Tribly”

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Written by Catherine Powell