It’s no secret that Megan & Liz made their mark on the world in 2012, and the girls have no plans on stopping anytime soon. They’ll kick off their 2013 touring schedule in February with the US Girls Gymnastics Team as part of the Teen Choice Live Tour. Check out what Liz’s New Year’s Resolutions are!

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, I can admit that I am always in the sea of people that by the time February rolls around, forgets all about them. As I said goodbye to the best year of my life (so far), 2012, and said hello to 2013, I just told myself to enjoy life a little more. Don’t stress out about the small things, take a deep breath every now and then. Stop and take a picture, take time to REMEMBER everything, because one day I might forget it. Looking back at 2012, I realized I didn’t do things like that, and wish I would have! Not sure if these count as “resolutions,” but I am going into 2013 with my eyes, heart, and mind wide open. So don’t mind me if I constantly have a camera in your face, or smiling too much, it’s just part of my New Years Resolution. 🙂

Written by Catherine Powell