Jimmy Nash is an acoustic singer/songwriter (plays guitar and ukulele) who just wrapped up a west coast tour. He’s currently in the studio and releasing a new album in 2013. His single “More Than Crazy” was featured on ABC Family’s show “Jane By Design” in 2012 and is a fun, catchy and upbeat tune. He is a funny, quirky guy and has some great New Year’s Resolutions!

Generally, in the past, I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. I always thought that if you’re going to better yourself, you can start right away at any time of year (yes, even during the Holidays).  This year though, my resolution is lining up with the start of the New Year, which is quite convenient for the purpose of this blog about New Year’s Resolutions. In short, for lack of a more original cliché, I would like to stop and smell the roses (yes I know it’s overused, but I could find no other appropriate idiom).  So often…well very often…well pretty much everyday my mind gets completely filled to the brim with everything I need to get done, and I forget to take in the wonderful things in life or anything beyond the goals I am working towards. I probably wouldn’t even notice if a herd of antelope passed by my door (unless it somehow pertained to my to-do list).  I don’t think this is a condition unique to my situation, and it is so easy to let your mind slip into that rut.  Have you ever taken 5 minutes to sit outside and just look at the sky, take a walk around the park, call an old friend, or sit and watch a squirrel eat a nut?  It’s quite relaxing, and even that short amount of time can improve the rest of the day.  Life is what you make it, and this year, I’m going to make mine more beautiful starting now (well it’s late right now, so tomorrow morning).

Written by Catherine Powell