Sparks The Rescue recently lost three members, but that isn’t stopping Alex Roy and Toby McAllister, who will continue on as a two piece. The band will be writing and recording this year, as well as playing StageIt shows until they go back on tour, so Alex came up with a resolution to keep his voice in tip-top shape.

As the days started getting shorter and the endless amounts of holiday shopping and parties began to fill my days this December, the thought of my new years resolution started creeping up on me. Finally get the strength to quit smoking cigarettes. I like smoking cigarettes- well, liked… The little breaks here and there from the busy days, staring off into the distance or being in a smoker’s circle, where you can always seem to find a good conversation. I loved everything but the health risks and the money wasted. On Christmas Eve, we always have a big family party with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few family friends. We sing Christmas carols and have a big Yankee swap (A New England Christmas game that, from what I hear, is like a Chinese Auction). That night I drank way too much eggnog and smoked far too many cigarettes. I had to hide around the garage because my grandmother and aunt would not be happy to see me smoking. On Christmas morning, not only did I wake up hungover, but sick with the flu as well. This was literally the worst possible combination. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since Christmas Eve! With my New Years Resolution and getting sick happening at the same time, it pushed me harder to kick the habit. My lungs and wallet will have a Happy New Year!

Written by Catherine Powell