Two hours of sleep and stacked highchairs were all Jordan Corey needed for her first show. Well, at least that’s what happened.

Jordan Corey: My first show ever, I was 16 with my first band, theJOEband (great name, I know) haha. theJOEband was a classic rock cover band, we jammed out to the greats like Zepplin, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Cream, etc. — it was a pretty fun time. We had just won Clear Channel KFOX’s Battle of the Bands in the Bay Area so we were super hyped to start playing in front of the audience as opposed to over the airwaves. We stayed up all night practicing & gearing up for our first live audience…by “all night” I literally mean all night, I think we got about 2 hours of sleep in before the show. We arrive, set up on the grass of a community center and mentally prepare ourselves for the most EPIC SHOW EVER. The people begin to trickle in…5…8….10 (16 if you include our parents). So with our small, but dedicated, audience we tap into our inner rock gods. Quickly we realized this gig would be less “rockstar” and more awkward pauses, funny stories, and baby highchairs (yes, I said highchairs…as in the ones 2 year olds sit in at places like Fresh Choice).

So lets start with awkward pauses. The guitarist of the band was/is a perfectionist, like OCD perfection, like tune his guitar in between EVERY song perfection. Tuning your guitar between every song means that the lead singer (me) gets some serious one on one time with the audience. Which leads me to point two “funny stories.” I vaguely recall joking with the audience about not sleeping, chapstick commercials (what?), and the fact that now our OCD guitarist and our bassist were sitting in lawn chairs because they were too tired to stand up and play at the same time. But the best part was the high chair. Despite a full night of intense rockstar practice I failed to learn all of the words to the songs we were playing — in my defense we had only ever practiced like 5 songs for the Battle of the Bands so memorizing music for a 45 minute set in a night was quite a feat. So…being a resourceful frontman I printed out lyrics, put them in a neon green binder (clearly to be inconspicuous), and looked for anything that resembled a music stand. After a thorough search of the community center I found that the best thing to use was a highchair….I was going for “this band is hip and cool and they also have a love of children”?

All in all it wasn’t the sold out world tour we thought it’d be, but it was a memory I’ll never forget. 

(In the picture with Jordan: Guitarist Jeff, prior to collapsing into a lawn chair)

Written by Catherine Powell