Back in 2009, we were all heartbroken when Florida-based band Copeland broke up. Needless to say, the announcement of their return, and new music was greeted with open arms and open minds. Unlike many other bands who have come back with music that seemed to stray a bit far off from where they started, Copeland’s Ixora seems to maintain the same essence and musical style of their previous albums, but with Aaron Marsh’s and the rest of the bands’ new outlooks on life, this album seems to show a maturity and dedication we haven’t seen before.

They streamed “Erase” on November 5th, and it didn’t disappoint. With swift calming vocals, and haunting lyrics, it is in line with all the things that make Copeland, Copeland. The extreme emotional content of the album follows perfectly in line with this single.

The album opens with “Have I always Loved You?” And again, frontman Aaron Marsh’s vocals keep you wrapped up in everything he’s feeling. It’s a song that on a good day reminds you it’s okay to be sad, and on a bad one that helps flush out those unwanted emotions that seem to always creep up. The subtle backing of drums and simple guitar are perfect to open the tone of the album.

“Ordinary” is one of the best on the tracklisting. With a gorgeous piano introduction and the simplistic lyrics, it has stayed in my head since I first took a good listen to this album last week. It’s another calming and thought-provoking song that is extraordinarily comforting. Marsh’s voice seems to keep a single tone throughout the album, and it works.

Another strong song on the album is “Like a Lie”, a very lyrically intense song, with a bit more defined backing in guitar and drums. It’s one of those songs that speaks straight to a truth that you’ve never been able to put into words. “How could I ever love you more?” is one of the best lines not only in the song, but on the entire album. It’s definitely my personal top pick on the album.

“Lavender” is probably the most distinct song on the album. With a continuous upbeat feel throughout the entirety of the song, the honest lyrics and inherent nature of Copeland are able to shine through, while also showing their capability to branch out musically. It’s very much a change of pace for them throughout the album, and allows a nice switch-up within the overall feel of the album.

Other notable songs include, “I Can Make You Feel Young Again” and “Chiromancer”. All are extremely honest songs, with the lyrical content that sets this album apart so much. The remaining songs on the album are “Disjointed” and “World Turn.” Each song brings a new emotional feel to the table, while keeping the abstract melodies, and calm tone Marsh does so well.

With the close-out song of the album being “In Her Arms You Will Never Starve” Copeland closes out the album on the same note they opened it; calmly and beautifully. It’s a song that uses strong language and has a tone of finality to it.

Ixora is, by far, one of the best albums of 2014 and one of the best comeback albums as of yet. Copeland does a wonderful job of keeping their musical style, but in a much more emotionally satisfying way than on their previous albums. Be sure to pick up Ixora here!

Rating: 8.5/10

By: Shelby Chargin

Written by shelby

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