In case anyone hasn’t noticed, My Girl Friday is one of our favorite bands here at Naked! We caught up with drummer, Vic Chan, to discuss his opinions on illegal music downloading! Check out what he had to say and be sure to pick up MGF’s latest EP, American Kids, on iTunes!

I’m not going to lie and say that illegal downloading hasn’t affected my band in some way, shape, or form.  It’s probably affected all artists to some extent.  In this day and age, online piracy runs rampant everywhere you look.  Sure artists say that illegal downloading “takes money out of their pockets” but let’s be honest, how much of that monetary value is really going back to the artist and how much is going to labels, managers, lawyers, etc.  For me personally, I don’t care how one gets a hold of my band’s music.  What matters to me is that they hear it and from there they can make the decision whether or not to support my band.  If someone really wants to support an artist, they’ll come to the shows and buy merch.  Kid’s attention spans are short nowadays.  They’ll listen to one artist one minute and then forget about them the next.  So if there’s any way I can get my music to as many ears as possible, so be it.  When I was younger, I remember recording my favorite songs onto cassette tape from the radio.  Which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t really all that different that illegal downloading.  Either way, I feel there’s always going to be some way to get music without paying for it.  Who knows what the next wave of acquiring music will be.  

Written by Catherine Powell