Socratic is back and these music industry veterans had a lot to say about illegal music downloading. Read Duane’s thoughts below!

The free downloading of music has had a major impact on record labels and their musicians.
People for some reason think it is alright to steal music from the internet. Not just one song
but many artists entire catalogue. I agree that sampling music is a great way to see if you
want to purchase a record. If you dig, afterwards buy it! We as artists spend the record labels
money and sometimes our own to record, mix, and master the album. By actually selling the
music is how we make our profit off it. Burger King would not be ok if there was a website
where you can get their whole menu for free with out even going to one of their stores. You can’t
go online and search for H&M, click on a website, and then print identical clothes from your printer at your house. I feel it’s the same thing. I don’t download music unless I pay for it or it is free
in the first place.

Written by Catherine Powell