Ballyhoo! was definitely one band you should not have missed on Warped Tour this summer. Having been around awhile, the band knows a lot about how the music industry works. Check out what lead singer, Howi Spangler, had to say about illegal music downloading.

I’m no patriot when it comes to internet piracy. I’ve done my share of illegal downloading. I got tired of buying albums with one or two good songs on them, I felt cheated in a way. Then, the industry changed and it was possible to buy singles. I really have no excuse for any pirating I may have done at the point. Although, I will say that most of the albums I got from torrent sites, I already own. I just didn’t feel like importing them to my computer.
As for my own music being up for grabs on the internet: I honestly don’t care how someone gets it, I just want them to have it. Yeah, I’d like them to pay for it, but if they want it bad enough to steal it, I’m not going to investigate their IP address, find their house and tell them to cough up $7.99. Maybe they just want to check it out because they’ve heard of us. Maybe they’ll like it and pay $15 to come to one of our shows and buy a $20 t-shirt. To me, it’s all about playing live anyway. Your album should be the promo to get a crowd to your shows. 
I think it’s ridiculous to spend time and money trying to bust musical pirates. It’s not going to stop anytime soon. If someone puts it up on the web for free download, to me it’s sort of fair game. The internet is a wide open space. I didn’t necessarily ask someone to upload it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage and grab it. And again, I might end up going to that band’s concert. 

Written by Catherine Powell