GOLDHOUSE has been taking over the internet with his infectious songs and hard-to-ignore talent. Check out what Grant Harris had to say about illegal music downloading!

I’ve never really had an issue with people illegally downloading my music.  Of course I’d prefer them to buy it, but in my experience it seems like the people that are going to buy my music are going to buy it, and the people who aren’t… well aren’t.  Even when I’m selling CD’s at shows I almost always tell fans to burn copies for their friends.  I’d rather get my music out there, listened to, and talked about even if it means not all the listeners are buying it.

Personally I’m not really into downloading music illegally.  I think we have a lot of legal alternatives to use if you want to listen to something but not buy an album.  I’m a huge Spotify fan, I love having TONS of music at my fingertips on my phone and computer for only a small monthly fee.

In the end I just want people to listen to my music.  Buying, streaming, downloading… whatever! Just spread the word!

Written by Catherine Powell