For our last installment of the “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” guest blog series, Grieves and Budo shared with us their first Warped Tour experience! When we first spoke with the two for our July issue, they were about to fly to Texas to start the tour, so it was great to hear back from them!

Go buy a “A Day To Remember” cd.. Put on a snow suit.. Drag a tred mill into a sauna and you’re set. Turn the Tred mill on high.. Blast ADTR, run at full speed in your snow suit and hell… Have 27 warm pbr’s while you’re at it. That’s what every day of my summer was like… And to be honest. I LOVED IT! 


A paragraph to summarize and reflect upon one of the strangest, most overwhelming, incredible, emotionally draining, career-infusing, momentum building, summers of my life? I can’t really do justice to the range of experience and insanity that goes part and parcel with packing your bags, jumping on a tour bus with 11 other people (3 friends, 8 strangers), and embarking on a North American tour that spanned 19,800 miles, 44 shows, and increased my odds of developing skin cancer by a factor of 1000. Warped Tour was, well, Warped Tour. We got to play our music in front of 10s of thousands of kids that, perhaps 24 hours prior to seeing us, would have said “fuck rap music!!”. And now they’re our fans. Imagine that? Warped Tour was a huge gamble for us, as we were one of several hip-hop acts in a sea of other genres. As with all gambles, it could have been a disaster. It wasn’t. It caused a shift in our careers in ways that I think we’re just beginning to understand. And whoa! To connect with so many other artists….those 4-5 hours a day after all the crowds funnel out, the stages get torn down, when the lawn chairs come out and the BBQ starts and the BB guns get unholstered, to spend those 4-5 hours connecting with musicians from across the world, musicians that make music that sits 180 degrees away from what I make…to find common ground with them and to count them as collaborators and friends…that’s a beautiful thing. So yeah, I spent my summer shooting carbon dioxide into an already overfull atmosphere to play rap music in parking lots and fields while the sun created 100+degree temperature infernos. I sweated through at least 39 shirts, and discovered a newfound appreciation for the tank top. But I also had one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Written by Catherine Powell

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