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For this weeks blog I wanted to talk about how getting a role on ‘Jessie’ has changed my life. To give everyone a quick recap of my life before ‘Jessie’ I pretty much lived in a small town near Seattle, Washington, and did all the things every normal kid would do on a daily basis like hang out with my friends and go to school.

When I got the call that I had booked “Jessie” I was super excited, but I was also a little worried about moving down to Los Angeles for the rest of my life. I had a million questions on my mind about the move, but I tried my best to just go with the flow!  Within a few weeks my dad and I were off to LA and my sister and mom stayed behind to get everything packed up.

The first change for me was making new friends. Thankfully that didn’t end up being such a big problem since everyone on the cast is super nice and we all became friends right away! Another major change was having to move from a small town into this big city. After about a month or so I kind of got used to the whole big city thing and lifestyle that goes along with it. But the biggest change was getting use to working on a sitcom! Before “Jessie” I had only done a few movies so trying to understand how sitcoms worked was kind of hard. There has been so much to learn! So far I think I’m doing pretty good job about wrapping my head around the whole thing.. haha!

There have been a lot of changes but they all have been great and a fun learning experience! See you guys next week!


Written by Catherine Powell



How did you audition for your first movie how did you find out about it and where do most auditions take place?


Im very excited to hear about your past and you so im really yaaaaay!!! 🙂

Btw im a big fan


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