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I am excited to be your new guest blogger for the month of May! For my first blog this week, I am going to tell you about what it’s like filming an episode of my show, “Jessie.”

Every TV show is different, so the time it takes to film an episode or how it is filmed can be different, depending on the show. For us on the “Jessie” set, it usually takes us about one week to shoot an episode. On Friday night we will get our script for the next week, so we have the weekend to rehearse and go over the lines. Monday morning we have a table read and that’s when we get the cast and crew together and just read through the entire script.

Tuesday and Wednesday are rehearsal and run through days. Run through is when we act out the entire episode on set in front of the producers and crew, so we can make any changes or adjustments to the script and get it just right! Then Thursdays and Fridays are set aside for shooting the actual episode. Sometimes we even have a live audience to watch us film on Fridays, which is always a lot of fun! And then we start all over—that’s how it’s done!

See you guys next week!


Written by Catherine Powell



Karan thank you so much for sharing this with us, you are amazing and jessie is the best TV show , We want #JessieSeason4


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