e591560c-7e01-4335-a83b-04628fc921f3Right now, I spend my time living between suburban New Jersey and California, and I love it, but I also have that craving to try something new and live in a new place for at least a short time. Maybe even a new country. Now, I’m only 13, so none of these drastic life changes will be taking place until I am at least 23 and out of college (hopefully NYU Film School!)
This is so random, but I really want to live for awhile in Japan or Iceland when I’m older. I have never been to Japan but it seems really fun.  A few years a go I went to Iceland with my mom and loved it.
The two countries seem far away culturally and geographically but I think they have a lot alike too.  They both are islands but they both have a great film industry.
Japan is one of the oldest movie making industries in the world, which I think is amazing.  Movies like “Godzilla” were made there.  One of my favorite directors ever is Hayao Miyazaki. He made the animated movies like “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (which I watched hundreds of times when I was little), “Ponyo”, “Spirited Away” and so many more. I don’t know why but the movies have a really peaceful feeling to them, even “Ponyo” which is about a Tsunami!
Iceland is also a major movie making hot spot.  They shot “A Little Trip to Heaven” over there (with great music from an Icelandic musician named Mugison – I love the theme song!).  The movie stars Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner, and Julia Stiles and is one of the best thriller films I’ve ever seen. We found out about the musician and the movie when we walked into this little music store near our hotel in Reykjavik where you could listen to music before buying the CD.
Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is this adorable, kooky, little fishing village.  It is probably the smallest capital for any country. If I lived in Iceland, I’d spend my time off from working in oversized hand-made sweaters, drinking scorching hot tea and listening to new indie music in that cool record shop we found while visiting.
Even though you never really know a place until you lived there, I feel as though Japan and Iceland are just the place for me to spend some time.
So maybe one day after I graduate from film school, I can hop on a plane and direct a movie, or maybe even act in a movie shooting there before film school in the near future.
What is your dream place to live for awhile?

Written by Catherine Powell

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