As of September 23, I’ve began filming season 4 the TV show “Shameless.” We just wrapped episode 1 late last night, and all I’m gonna say, is that it’s a crazy(good) episode! I’m so excited for you guys to see it (season 4 airs January 12 at 9pm on Showtime by the way).
My first week on set was genuinely so much fun, it was so nice to see everyone.
Day number one consisted of set school (Freshman year! Class of 2017 YAY!), filming(obviously) and feasting on delicious shaved ice from a shaved ice truck our producer John Wells got for us while chit-chatting about everything and anything with our wonderful cast and crew. Most the crew is the same so coming back to film is like a family reunion.
For some of you who don’t know, we shoot at the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles, California on stage 16 which is the biggest sound stage in North America and we’re the first ever TV show to shoot there! How cool.
They also filmed major movies there like The Perfect Storm and Argo.  It has a huge water tank inside the stage.
Warner Brothers is such a fun lot to shoot at, I mean they have a Starbucks AND Jamba Juice right next to each other at the comissary, what could possibly be better?! Haha I’m just kidding, but it really is the best lot ever.  First it is set behind hills as the backdrop. The sunsets are beautiful against the tan stages. Everyone is hustling around just like you would expect from a film studio. They have tours which tells the history if you are ever in LA!!
A fun part of filming is decorating my classroom on the stage and my trailer!
This week I decorated my trailer to the EXTREME and I’m seriously so excited and proud of myself. I’m so into phootobooth pictures that you take at a theme park or movie theater or wherever, I think they’re so fun. I decorated with tons of my black and white photobooths, lining the typical trailer mirror with pretty lights. Pictures and memories and birthday cards fill all of the walls as well, with room for, of course, my One Direction poster(speaking of One Direction-I’m literally SO EXCITED FOR THEIR NEW ALBUM TO COME OUT! NOVEMBER 23 IS MARKED ON MY CALENDAR!!!!)
But being back on set and living as Debbie Gallagher every day is seriously so nice. I missed Debbie! All I’m gonna tell you guys, is that this season rocks. It’s absolutely Shameless…!!
I’m just so psyched to be back to work on Shameless season 4!!

Written by Catherine Powell

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