This week I want to talk about my new movie Earth to Echo. Not necessarily the plot and the characters (because you’ll just have to watch it when it comes out!), but the casting and filming process, as well as all the craziness that happened off set!

When I initially auditioned, the movie was called, “The Untitled Wolf Project,” so immediately I thought it was some lame movie about a wolf. Wrong. Little did I know, the movie title and the character I was reading for were created just for the casting process. They wanted to keep the movie plot secret. It wasn’t until after I was cast that I actually read the script!

The audition process wasn’t a “typical” process either. While there were sides to learn, there was also a lot of improv. The director would give a scenario and then tell us to go from there. It was more difficult than you’d think! Little did I know, this kind of skill set was necessary for the type of movie they were going to shoot.

The first day on set was madness! Not only was I feeling first-day jitters, but it was also my 14th birthday. Several of my cast mates gave me gifts and cards and there was a cake at lunch, so you could say I was a little overwhelmed.

The rest of the cast was awesome as well! Reese Hartwig (Munch) and I met the day of the callback, and we stuck together throughout the entire process. I met Teo Halm (Alex) and Astro (Tuck) later when we started filming.

There were several scenes that required lots of special effects (explosions, glass breaking, and car chases)! Most occurred while we were filming, instead of being added in post-production, which made it more real, and my job a lot easier. I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Before I wrap things up, I want to share my weekly music obsession. I am a huge indie rock fan! I recently discovered this band that’s been around for a while called Best Coast. Their song, “Our Deal”, has been on repeat. So if you’re into indie rock, or even if you aren’t, go check them out!


Written by Catherine Powell

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