With Christmas nearing, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit! Us here at Naked thought it’d be really cool to give our fans an inside look at what their favorite bands do around this time of year – maybe their traditions are similar to yours! Check out our first feature by Justin Garza of The Season Premiere!

Holidays Traditions are always an interesting, yet extremely fun topic to discuss. My family around this time of year does everything but the ‘normal’ holiday traditions. I find that almost every year we all end up getting extremely impatient and excited about the whole idea of gift exchanging that most of the time we all open up at least half our presents well before Christmas day, haha. While most families on Christmas eve and Christmas day get extremely fancied up and almost dress to impress the specific family members they only see a couple times a year, my family decides to do quite the opposite…the last few years, the only attire allowed on Christmas day is onezie, footed pajamas. In fact, I just bought mine for this holiday season and im proud to say they are bright green with small frogs all over them. Did I mention my pj’s came with a nice cozzie hood as well? I know you’re jealous!

Aside from my family being quite odd and ‘untraditional’ around this time of year, my band and I are one in the same! This year we recorded such an unconventional and anything but normal Christmas song entitled “Whenever It Snows”. The song starts off with a staged skit and our entire band caroling in harmony! Pretty odd way to start a song, check it out and decide for yourself how unconventional and all over the place it is. In addition to that, this holiday season we decided to essentially throw out “The 12 Days Of Christmas” and replace it with “The 12 Days Of The Season Premiere”. This 12 days essentially involved giving away a different/exclusive TSP merch bundle everyday from December 13th-December 25th. Every order comes with our exclusive holiday t-shirt and other goodies like a Christmas card from the band, a personal phone call and letter from the band, and an old TSP t-shirt, and more!

Holiday traditions are meant to be shared with the people in your life that you truly enjoy and love. Starting this tradition with our fans this year meant a lot to us and we only hope they enjoy it as much as we do! Remember, traditions are meant to be repeated and never forgotten. During this holiday season, create a tradition of your own, you might just start something that is worth remembering and repeating every year for a life time.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Written by Catherine Powell