The announcement of Bruno Mars being the main performer during the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show left many people disappointed. After Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child delivered their electric performance last year that used up all of the power in the house (literally), anybody was going to have a tough time winning over fans for this year. Opinions swiftly changed after Bruno gave stellar performances of his most popular songs, especially “Treasure”. Fans got an even bigger treat when Anthony Kiedis and the rest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out to sing their hit “Give It Away” with Bruno and his band.
Throughout the exciting twelve-minute performance there were some special moments. Here are the top five highlights from this year’s Super Bowl halftime show:
11.     A dozen adorable children kicking off the performance by singing the intro to Bruno Mars’ song “Billionaire”
What can be better than a children’s chorus singing a pop hit wearing brightly colored earmuffs? Having a giant American flag waving on the screens behind them. America seemed to be the trend of the evening, so feel free to let your patriotic side out while you jam!
22.     Bruno Mars channeling his inner Travis Barker with a fantastic drum solo
If somebody didn’t know better, they probably would have thought that Bruno WAS Travis Barker. With the close, intense camera shots to the outrageous amount of power and passion that he was drumming with, he could have gone into full-out rock star mode and it would have fit in perfectly.
33.     The smooth, synchronized dance moves (and outfits!) of Bruno and his band during “Treasure”
Potentially the best individual song performance of the evening, “Treasure” was full of bouncing band members, shimmery gold lamè jackets and in-sync dips and twists. Around mid-song came a rock transition to lead into fan’s seemingly favorite part of the night…
44.     The Red Hot Chili Peppers joining Bruno on stage for “Give It Away”
For the fan that was left discontented, the Red Hot Chili Peppers saved the night. It seemed all of the members were looking to avoid another wardrobe mishap most of them were on stage barechested, showing off their rocker ink and lots more in the freezing temperatures. The two groups jammed together for a bit before the band left the stage to allow Bruno one last song.
55.     Fireworks with soldiers’ “Just The Way You Are” dedications
As the last song of the night began, videos of military personnel showed on the screen while they gave well wishes to their friends and family back home. It was a great ending moment and got even better when fireworks began exploding over MetLife Stadium.
It seems Bruno Mars’ performance was received well by the majority of the viewers. Some are even saying it was one of the best Super Bowl performances of all-time. While that may be debatable to some of you, I believe we can all agree that this performance was easily the most exciting part of the entire evening.

Written by Catherine Powell

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