After their debut EP Infinity, Against The Current set the bar high for themselves. It also isn’t easy fighting back against the trend of being constantly compared to Hayley Williams and Paramore. As a female-fronted band in the alternative scene you always have a lot to prove, but for Chrissy Costanza, Daniel Gow and Will Ferri their strength on their newest EP Gravity is clear from start to finish.

The opening song “Gravity” sets the tone, and shows just what Costanza’s voice can do. Her ability to have a soft temperament while keeping a strong voice sets her apart instantly from other females in the rock genre. The upbeat tempo keeps you hooked, and will play on loop in your head for days.

“Talk” is a gritty song that screams “girl boss” and strikes me as what T-Swift would have written if she had gone the rock route. Daniel Gow’s guitars completely set the stage for the song, and are the strongest part about the intro and chorus. It really creates the tone for Costanza’s striking voice throughout the entirety of the song.

“Paralyzed” is my personal favorite the on the EP. Costanza’s voice goes a bit deeper straight away in the song, with a stronger drum beat in the verse background, really waiting until the chorus to bring the powerhouse that her vocals and the guitar mixing. The lyrics themselves are the most complex on the album, and keep you intrigued. It’s one of those songs you can see an entire crowd screaming back to a band live, easily.

“Brighter” is a great way to end the EP. It’s a slower song that really is able to wind you down, while still capturing the feel of the EP. The vocals are still as present as ever, while Will Ferri’s drums are prominent backing with a calm piano, and work well with slowed down song adding so much more depth than your average inspirational ballad.

All in all, for their second EP in less than a year, Against The Current is proving their worth as an alternative rock band. It’s a strong transition that makes listeners extraordinarily impatient for a full-length album. Buy Gravity on iTunes now!

(by Shelby Chargin)

Written by shelby

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