In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this month’s guest blog is all about how artists use their platform to give back. Check out what Alric Carter of TAUK had to say!

I consider myself blessed to be a musician in the position I am. From travelling around the country to meeting new faces everyday, I’m presented with several opportunities to learn from and communicate with different people. Being a musician also gives you opportunities to give back to those that support you and influence the people around you. Recently the east coast was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and caused significant damage in our own neighborhoods. In my opinion, music is a great way to get people’s spirits back up and fix the emotional, physical, and spiritual damaged caused. On Saturday, Nov. 24th, TAUK is throwing a benefit show in Brooklyn at Spike Hill @ 10pm. We will be collecting coats and donations for families in dire need and would love your support as we try to do our part to help. Check out our website for event details. Lasty, here’s a quote by John Coltrane that nails this issue right on the head:
“Music is an expression of higher ideals … brotherhood is there; and I believe with brotherhood, there would be no poverty … there would be no war … I know that there are bad forces, forces put here that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be a force which is truly for good.”
Come Join us and we’ll see you there!!

Written by Catherine Powell