If you’re into the sort of genre that can provoke the best and worst in you, then Jared Lee’s new EP, “Falling Through Holes” is the perfect treat for your ears.  While the up-and-coming artist did not choose to release a full-length album, this six-track collection is nothing less of delicious. The key ingredients to these infectious pop-rock anthems are the intense guitar riffs, energetic drumbeats, and Lee’s soulful vocals that’ll be playing through your head for days.

The EP opens up with his single, “It’s Over (Goodbye)”, which speaks of the ever-popular story of a fairly flawless relationship gone awry. “We started out like the perfect story, on the heels of a beautiful lie. Didn’t know you were holding a secret aside.” For someone who has experienced these lyrics firsthand, this track has already lured me in, craving for more. And right when you doubt what this man can do, there’s no escaping the repetition of this melancholy chorus—“It’s over, it’s over, yeah, it’s over, goodbye.” What originally begins as a song for the lonely makes a complete 360-degree turn. Jared emphasizes a lesson that should never be disregarded after a breakup: “And you grow, and you grow, and you grow stronger from your past.”

When Jared previously spoke to us, he mentioned, “Falling Through the Holes is a metaphor about trying to get to the other side. I literally imagine myself on one end of a field filled with holes. They’re unavoidable, but it’s about the process of digging a way out of them.” The EP’s titled track, “Falling Through The Holes”, is without a doubt the best example of what Lee was trying to convey to us here at NAKED. As the mighty drums carry you into the chorus, you’re welcomed into an expressive atmosphere that is Lee’s life. “Now I’m the only one who knows I’m falling through the holes and I’ve got no control. And nobody understands what’s slipping through my hands, while I’m hanging onto hope.” While it’s safe to say that these lyrics do not exactly illustrate the most positive of messages, it can evidently relate to almost anyone who has felt like all hope was lost.

The six-piece EP ends with the delectable, soft ballad, “What It Beats For”. This song is far sweeter than any morsel of sugar you can purchase at a candy store.

“I’m holding nothing back cause I’ve found a love that lasts, and that’s what my heart beats for.” Lee speaks of an unnamed lucky lady he’s found—in fact, she’s the only he wants, and the only one he’s holding nothing back for. He’s definitely saved the best for last, and it’s clear to see that she is what his heart beats for.

Though Jared Lee has just made his introduction to the wonderful world of music, I expect nothing but great things from him. Now, the proper question is, when is he going to release a full-length record? If I had any say in the matter at all, I would say: the sooner, the better.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Catherine Powell

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