It’s been almost three years since Jimmy Eat World has released music (Invented, 2010), but the wait is over with their new album, Damage. Described by the band as an “adult break-up album,” Damage is raw, emotional and clever – like a Jimmy Eat World record should be.
Damage is simply about heartbreak, and that theme is evident in all ten tracks that flow seamlessly together. The album starts with “Appreciation,” which recites four simple lines: “We build, we box, we carry on, as people we forget.” The song sets the theme of the whole record: the building, breaking and moving on from a failed relationship.
As the record progresses, the band’s heart does not fully heal. With the album’s the first single, “I Will Steal You Back,” frontman Jim Adkins’ sings “Funny how the smallest lie might live a million times,” addressing the cause of the heartbreak. The song transitions into the record’s standout track “Please Say No,” which fully confirms the feeling of missing someone that has been lingering throughout the album thus far. One line sticks out: “But me with you is who I think I’ll always be.”
The story moves forward into the closure chapter. The second-to-last track “Byebyelove” says it all in the title: it’s Adkins’ parting words to the once love of his life. The final track, “You Were Good” closes the book on the relationship Adkins has been singing about this entire time. The record ends with “It was good, it was good, then it was gone.” The End.
As a whole, Damage leaves me (a long-time Jimmy Eat World fan) satisfied and excited to see the recorded-to-live translation of these songs. There is something extremely timeless about Jimmy Eat World’s songwriting and if sharing a universal feeling was their goal with Damage, they hit the nail on the head. This is album is not just good and gone, it’s great and on repeat.
Rating: 9/10

Written by Catherine Powell