Known for her ballads featured on various teen romance soundtracks, Christina Perri isn’t the first person you would think of when you think of upbeat pop songs.  However, in Perri’s new albums, Head or Heart, she showed a completely upbeat and flexible side of her. This is Perri’s second album ever, her follow up to 2011’s Lovestrong which brought us “Jar of Hearts” a.k.a every high school girl’s break up song back then. Head or Heart kicks off with “Trust” a true-to-her-roots song that shows that Perri can always win us over with her girl power attitude about moving on and trusting yourself. On the other hand, the album also features our favorite Ron Weasley look-alike, Ed Sheeran, who duets with her on “Be My Forever”, a Taylor Swift-esque poppy song that makes you want to roll down your windows and pretend your in a romantic comedy. Its feel good and it’s fast paced and it shows that she can be flexible with her music.  Of course, there’s also her single, “Human,” which you’ve all heard by now. The rest of the album is pretty generic Christina Perri, but her voice is so unique and beautiful that no matter what you’re into, you have to give this album a try. It definitely isn’t  “wow” factor, but it’s definitely not a sophomore slump either.

Rating: 6/10

Written by Alison

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