With their last record released in 2011, fans all over the world have been anticipating new material from the boys of You Me At Six. Several hints later, the beloved Englishmen have finally announced that Cavalier Youth would drop January 27th. The announcement was followed by the release of “Lived A Lie,” a very catchy tune off the record that kept us all chanting, “We are believers” over and over.

This twelve-track outfit opens with “Too Young to Feel This Old,” and it gives us a glimpse into Neal Avron’s production, the man behind records by bands like Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and Linkin Park. The first few tracks in this record set an upbeat, late-night-drive vibe, allowing fans the initial impression that the band has decided to stick to their roots and give us a variety ranging from easy-going alt-rock tunes to heavier, heart-racing anthems.

“Wild Ones” is a definite standout track. Opposed to its title, “Wild One” is slow-paced and nostalgically echoes their older ballads like “Crash” and “Always Attract,” which are both very dear to the Sixers’ hearts. With its “Are we gonna live forever?” outro chant, I imagine a lot of you will love this, too.

The Temper Trap-esque tune “Cold Night” and potential single “Carpe Diem” are some of my favorites as these songs embody the greatest characteristics of the record: the nice balance between great harmonies and instrumentation, amassed with uplifting and very passionate lyrics. It seems as though breathing all that California air during the recording process made the “chill” rock and roll vibes transpire out of this solid record.

Cavalier Youth contains incredible tracks that fans will fall madly in love with because of their numerous appealing qualities. Lyrically, the record contains very inspiring material, as the titles may suggest. The majority of the tracks have honest, motivating memorandums behind them such as, “Be Who You Are” and “Hope For the Best.” Within this record lie music that will translate into a high-energy rock show.

As lead guitarist Chris Miller mentioned in a previous NKD interview, “The new record is a big step up for us. It’s not too different from what we’ve done in the past, but there’s a notable change.” Upon hearing Cavalier Youth in its entirety, I concur that this British rock powerhouse-in-the-making have indeed stayed within their realm of music, but have also given us a sense of the impressive direction into which their sound imminently evolves.

Rating: 9/10

(by Dana Reandelar)

Written by Catherine Powell

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